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We offer complete solutions for your company. We work from design study to maintenance and renovation in the hydro, energy, industry, metro rail, airport, port and road transportation and infrastructure areas.

Groupe SNEF

An international independent leader

沙巴体育平台网址SNEF, French independent leader, with great recognition in the sectors of energy, industrial designs and processes, telecommunications and information technology, incorporate multi-technical solutions to please the demands, specific or general of each client.

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沙巴体育平台网址Ever since 2010, SNEF Brazil has been growing, gaining space and earning new clients in the country. We have created more than 1,000 jobs, in 60 cities of the nation. The more than 500 projects developed generated an annual net revenue of R$ 300 million. These results motivate us to invest more each time in innovation and technology to go beyond what we already have, because beyond generating wealth and development for the country, SNEF Brazil wants to create lasting partnerships and have permanently satisfied clients.

Our governance

Independent albeit under rigorous governance

Under the management of Pierre Dussaud, general manager in Latin America, although Snef Brasil counts on autonomy in its operations, we are strictly demanding with its corporate governance regarding:

  • An administrative board composed by independent counselors;
  • Rules of internal operations;
  • An Audit Committee and a Nominating and Compensation Committee;
  • An Executive Committee for gathering the Group board.

Photo Pierre Dussaud, General manager of Latin America


Committed to a dynamic of continuous progress

Founded in 1905 in the port of Marseille, France, the SNEF Group began its activities in the areas of energy and industrial processes. The development of the French ports and the shipyards made possible for the company to expand quickly. Besides a vigorous development, SNEF increased its services portfolio and also began to work in electrical engineering, command and control instrumentation. In 1977, the SNEF Group crossed the frontiers by installing its first franchise outside of France. During in the 80's, the group expanded its activities once more, becoming active in the industrial sectors and investing in the telecommunication market. With the usual excellence in services and quality at delivering our work, the group has established operations in 14 countries and consolidated as a key player in the market of the area. In 2010, with the acquisition of the mining company ENERG POWER, SNEF became permanently active in Brazil. The consolidation in the Brazilian market combined with the existing experience of SNEF Group enabled the launch of new brands in the country - SNEF Brasil Transport, SNEF Brazil Industry and SNEF Connect.


Proximity services in Brazil… and abroad

沙巴体育平台网址Nowadays we cover South and North America, Africa, Europe and Russia. The group leaves its mark wherever it is with excellence of service, focus on the future and respect for sustainability. All of this is done while prioritizing our customers, shareholders and employees. The head office of SNEF Brasil is located in Belo Horizonte. The company has also offices in Goiania, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.